Saturday, October 9, 2010

So much to share!

Ive been a bad blogger and no excuse AT ALL. Except maybe being a mom, full time class load, doing field experience hours, blah blah blah...

Wow, my kids are growing up soooo fast. My Isabela just turned ONE (yes ONE!) and Leonard is turning into a little boy, it's official, he is no longer a baby :(
We've been busy bees in the Russell house, finishing up (finally) painting and smoothing out the walls in our living and dining room. Lots of trim work left, but hey, its all one color. Pictures to follow when my living and dining room is clean...oh wait, that will be never so "sorta clean".

Me and the kids really enjoy spending time at the park near our house and our stroller was totally on the fritz. Those wheels were so whobbly I am surprised none of the kids are suffering from Shaken Baby Syndrome. So after debating for over a month we got a new stroller and wow I love any excuse to take this bad boy for a spin (am I the only one who gets stoked over new baby gear?) Definitely recommend to any moms with two in a stroller. Folds super easy and rides nice and smooth :) Anyways here are my phat new wheels (hehe)

So since sewing is all the rage right now, I went ahead and bought a sewing machine which will be here in just a few days. I took my mommy time today to get some fabric. Apparently everyone had my genius idea to go to Joann today. All the world was there buying fabric...I had two bolts and went to grab my number...number 85 and they were on 58...uh yeah right considering someone before me had an entire cart FULL of using my handy iphone I sent the word out on Facebook for fabric store ideas and was sent to Paula's Fine Fabrics which OMG they have some great stuff I could seriously spend the G's some fab stuff to do my first few projects.
These are a couple fat quarters from Paula's, the four on the right are a few cute ones I was able to salvage in Joann's 99 cent fat quarter sale. Probably gonna use for flower clips or something.
Wow this picture kinda blows but you can tell its cute. Mostly Michael Miller but the stuff on the far right is new Anthology that they just got in LOVE, I think I am going to have to go back and get the rest!

So just in time for my newfound love of prints, my fave diaper company, Bumgenius just came out with their new prints. They have never done prints before and WOW they are cute, but apparently I'm the only person on my cloth diapering board who thinks so, no one else likes them so let me know what you think....


Joanne said...

I HAVE to go to Paulas... have to!!
Love the new stroller.. I think I have seen it?
YEAH on Bella being one!!!

Eva Scott said...

I can't believe Joann's was that packed! We went yesterday quickly and it felt like I had to wait forever. Their fat quarter deal was so good! I only got two though since I was in a hurry.

And isn't Paula's divine! OMG! I laughed at your comment that you could spend G's in there b/c I totally agree! I almost got the fabric on the left. I love SOOOO much of their stuff! SO much! I'm headed there this week sometimes so I can get some fabric to make some crayon rolls!