Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good Times...Good Times...

We had a really fun weekend. We went out to the airshow to see the Blue Angels which is always amazing. Leonard didn't have as much fun as we thought he would since he is OBSESSED with planes, the noise was a bit much for him. He was incredibly pleased with the awesome Blue Angels plane we got him. He has slept with it every night since :) My hubby got some great shots. Seeing those planes makes me feel very patriotic for some reason and very proud of all of our armed forces!

Monday was a good day too! We frequent the Y quite a bit and they had a Halloween party for the kids and they went trick or treating around the Y. They got to wear their costumes, which was good because I need to make a few alterations to Bela's. Bela is obviously Tinkerbell and Leonard is Ironman. Can't really get him to wear the mask but hey, he knows he Ironman.

I hope to get better pics of their costumes for Halloween, they were so not being cooperative.

Today was a fun day too (but no pics sorry). I finally managed to have a very dear old friend, Joy, over and two of her four adorable kids. The kids got along famously and we had a great time chatting and reconnecting. I think we have known each other since before we knew we knew each other (make sense), we hadn't seen each other in a long time but it was like we picked up where we left off :) I love friends like that. We took the kids to the park and it was ridiculously HOT! The poor kids were so sweaty and dirty after all that running and having fun!

And no post would be complete without my latest crafty ventures. I got crazy with Mod Podge and covered a crappy white binder with this FAB Anthology fabric :) I used Prudent Baby's makeup bag tutorial and modified it to make a fun pencil bag. I am totally in love with this red floral fabric. It is Amy Butler and I have literally used every last scrap! I need more!!!!Feel the fabric love...
Pretty Inside Too!

I have been having loads of fun with this little wallet tutorial my friend Christina did. I think we have similar taste in fabric (which is obviously good taste!).

I've made a couple's been really good practice for me :)

I've been wanting to make some of these baby tights headbands but never remember to pick up the tights. I used this tutorial its super easy and a great alternative to the crochet style headbands because they are so soft and comfy. These will be added to my Etsy soon :)
Thanks for reading if you made it this far!


Joanne said...

Awesome! Love the Air Show Photos!
The kids are ADORABLE as always!
Great crafts!!!

Eva Scott said...

I just bought that red/white flower fabric today! LOVE it!

My favorite part of Bela's costume is her gigantic flower. It's so cute!! :-)