Friday, October 22, 2010

Tutu Much!

I had one more tutu to finish, and ended up going to Hobby Lobby at 7:30 at night for an emergency tulle run...not fun...apparently Hobby Lobby is the only place in town that has the rolls of tulle...anyways its done...I think I'm done with least for this week.

After making the tutu I wanted to do something fun so I made the totally cute fabric flowers from Eva's blog post. Oh they turned out so cute, I picked up a headband on one of my many trips to Hobby Lobby to put them on. Oh and Eva had commented about ripping the strips and I did it by cutting a 1 inch notch in the fabric and just pulling apart like the Hulk on a bad day. It you think its getting to narrow, stop and cut another notch and keep going. The strips turn out surprisingly straight.

I'm totally in love with this yellow color! My sisters will probably have one of these coming their way :)

Halloween is just around the corner and as always it is a week before Halloween and my kids are costume-less. Leonard is going to be Iron-Man so that's an easy trip to Walmart or anywhere in town for that matter, but for Isabela I got a wild hair to make her we are giving this costume a try. It looks simple enough and I figure I know I can at least make the tutu...I'm gonna get started on it today so...there will be an update later :)

My adorable babies! Gosh they are getting so big!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks great! love the yellow.

Jeremiah Russell said...

"like the hulk on a bad day"
AAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's my wife. :)

Joanne said...

Love the headband!

Can't wait to see Bella's costume

Bobbie said...

Love the headband I think we may need some :)

Eva Scott said...

Love the yellow!!! I have some yellow fabric but it's a bit too-yellow, ya know. But I love your shade!!

And Bella's headband is super cute!