Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My First Paying Job and other Fun Projects

I had randomly posted my Etsy information and advertised my tutu skills on Craigslist several weeks ago. Well a few days ago I got an email requesting two tutus for some teeny twin girls. I was STOKED! I've never been paid to make something :)

They turned out really cute!
And for more fall and my friends are quite crafty and we have such a fun time getting together when we can to make something. They are some ridiculously talented girls! Vanessa hosted playgroup at her place and boy, we have A LOT of kids when you get us all in one place.
We decorated these shirts using potato stamps and they came out soooo cute!
For Lenny
For Bela

I also made this fun little bag the other day and I had to share because the fabric is ba-na-nas! Sooo gorgeous! Get the pattern for this bag here.


My Marvelous Life said...

Ugh I'm getting ready to make that bag too! Very cute.

Joanne said...

I love that bag! So cute! Have seen a lot of cute purses lately... hmmm. might need to try one.
The tu-tus are ADORABLE!!!!
LOVE how your t-shirts came out.. that was a fun morning!

Eva Scott said...

You go girl! Congrats! That's awesome! And I love the bag fabric. Cute!

Rebecca said...

jealous of that super cute fabric!!!