Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We had a really fun Halloween. We went to a friend's house and the kids had fun playing, making cookies and getting ready for trick or treating. Riverside-Avondale is always a fun place to trick or treat, such great people and it is so much fun browsing the beautiful neighborhoods, I love living here!
Our pumpkins turned out amazing! Those little templates that come with the carving kits really work!

Playing video games before the Halloween festivities :)

Alexis having fun making cookies, yum yum!
Ok, one nice smile out of 3 isn't too bad...
Hot dogs are yummy!

Alexis was a very cute Alice :)

We don't quite know what Alexa was, something to do with a zombie, she basically wanted to wear the cool eyelashes.
We tried taking group shots...yeah doesn't work too well with 5 kids...these are the best of the lot of them...
Trick or treating is EXHAUSTING!Candy :) For me :)
My camera doesn't take very good pictures in the dark so I didn't get as many pics as I would have liked. Leonard ended up staying at the house with Jeremiah and his best friend handing out candy which he apparently had a blast doing. Hope everyone else had a wonderful Halloween and a good time with family and friends!

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Bobbie said...

I had a great time. I'm so happy you got some pictures. You'll have to send me the other ones.