Monday, November 22, 2010

DIY Babylegs

I was browsing Make it and Love it, which has an incredible archive of tutorials, and came across this tutorial for Babylegs that you make out of women's knee high socks. I was totally stoked because I have never bought a pair because even at Target they are $10 a pair...and I'm super cheap, haha! I was at Target and they had a whole rack of knee socks for $2 each! I bought a simple white pair so they would go with everything. You don't need anything but a sewing machine and some socks making this project SUPER cheap and it is so easy you will kick yourself for spending $10-$12 on Babylegs.

Mine came out so awesome and I stuck them on Bela right after I got her out of her highchair after dinner so you will have to excuse my dirty baby, haha! Babylegs are SUPER cute with cloth diapers :)

I plan on making a couple more pairs with a few pairs that I have that I don't wear anymore :) It is total crafting mayhem over here but I LOVE IT!


Eva Scott said...

I think baby legs are SUPER cute! I'm always like I want a little girl to put these on. ;-)

Check these out. Similar for boys and really cute!

Erin said...

You can totally put them on boys, just find stripes or something gender neutral, they are great for under jeans when its really cold.

jaime said...

I know I'm late on this but the babylegs look awsome! I need to make some for emmy, its starting to get cold. I have some fun neon striped ones that would make super cute ones. I need something, I'm getting the "wanna buy more diapers" bug lol. I really want some booroi covers. I thought u were supose to save money using cloth, that's what I told Rob anyway hahaha!