Thursday, November 18, 2010

School Fun

I have decided that since I am a Early Childhood Education major, it would be a good idea to practice on Leonard! He is two and we had a good time today starting with the letter A and doing a turkey craft. I'm not trying to create a genius or anything, but I figured it can't hurt to teach him his letters, numbers and some colors and shapes. Plus his crafts will make a great addition to his scrapbook. Here he is with his handprint turkey :) If any of you moms have any resources for teaching a 2 yr old, let me know.
I also finished the kid's fall garland. I didn't want it to be too grownup looking so we did it all out of construction paper chains. I took the leaves that they colored on and stuck them on the chains. It looks very cute and Leonard had fun watching me put together the garland and playing with tape.

I hung it on their window because anything within their reach (including over the bed) is in the danger zone. Leonard has already ruined some adorable robot wall decals and Bela has ripped off almost all her flower decals around her bed. Apparently not the best idea...
Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!


Rebecca said...

super cute!

Eva Scott said...

Awww really cute and a fun way to include the kiddos!