Tuesday, July 19, 2011

All About the Thread

When I first started sewing I really didn't give a whole lot of thought to the kind of thread I used. I just picked up whatever was the best price and went on my way.

After sewing for a few months I kept having problems with the bobbin thread becoming tangled. Like every. single. time. It was really frustrating and being a beginner at machine sewing, I spent a lot of time cursing my machine.

It was actually my mom that recommended changing threads. Seriously? The thread? Check out the photos on this interesting article about different sewing threadsI noticed the difference RIGHT AWAY. I use Gutterman threads, it is readily available at any Joann Fabrics and almost always 40% off too :)

Here is an example from my own experiment I used the typical brand (no names here but you know the one I mean, C&C).

I did this little experiment on the same project, same day. Yucky stitches! I also had a tangling problem about 1 minute into this line of stitches.

 This is my Gutterman thread. MUCH NICER.

For the longest time I thought it was me or my machine. I have a very basic, but very highly rated mechanical Brother machine. When my mom shared that she had similar problems with her machine (which is much nicer than mine), I knew that I should give changing threads a shot. It apparently solved her issues.

Now from the looks of this article not all of the C&C threads are bad, the 100% cotton thread has very few loose fibers and looks like a great choice.
It's kind of funny that the solutions for some things can be so small. I get plenty of cheap fabric at Walmart and it wears quite nicely. Apparently you can save on the fabric, but you have to spend on the thread. Go figure.

Take a good look at the article and post your thoughts and experiences :)

NOTE - this is not intended to diss any particular brand, but rather just my own experience :)

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