Monday, July 18, 2011

Coupon Organization - Evolution of the Binder

So it appears that despite my best efforts, I may be in danger of needing to shift into the "baseball card holder" method of coupon organization. Keeping the entire ad is annoying, messy and I don't like having to clip as I go.

I keep my pages of printable coupons together, and that's working great, but the ads are just out of control. So I went and clipped everything I had left (excluding only Qs I know I will never use) and just divided them among the sleeves with the date and ad type. 

So for now, this is my ghetto-fied system. It's just so much easier to clip the ads as I get them and stick them in the sleeve by date and ad type. I am still not sure if I really want them in individual little pockets, but for now this will have to work. This week it seemed to work great, my couponing took less time, so I guess we'll see. 

So this is probably the 5th time I have changed my coupon organizing, and I am pretty sure it will change 5 more times :) So how are you all keeping your Q's organized? My couponing is just taking a lot of time lately, so I would love some new tips :)

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