Friday, July 15, 2011

Satin is Fun - A Flower Tutorial

I doubt my idea is remotely original (I know this cause I got the idea from today's Very Jane deal), and I know you don't need yet ANOTHER fabric flower tutorial. BUT, this one involves burning stuff, so it's cool :) 

DISCLAIMER - Myself or this blog is NOT RESPONSIBLE for you being silly with candles and burning yourself or your house down.

Ok, disclaimer out of the way!

 Grab some:
Satin fabric
A bit of felt
Glue gun 
Pearls, beads or other center embellisment
 I made a template for each two different petal sizes.
 This is my super technical method of stacking scraps together and pinning the template to them in order to cut out more than one at a time. It's best if the petals aren't perfectly cut.
 I kind of love the smell of burning satin in the afternoon...but just quickly run over the flame just till it starts to curl up. Go all the way around.

 Continue till you have a nice little pile of petals. I think I used 7 for the large and 5 of the small
 I cut a two inch circle and started hand stitching my petals on. Don't worry about the stitches, the next layer will cover them.
 For the second layer, it's easiest to just arrange the petals first and then do a couple stitches in the center to hold in place.
I sewed my pearls on and voila! All done.

 I hot glued a clip onto in and stuck it in my bun :)
I think after looking at it for a little while, I want to get the edges a bit more curled in, which will most likely result in me burning this thing, but we'll see.
 I have seen these on a couple blogs too, you do the same burning technique, but with different size circles. Going to try another with more layers to see how that turns out :)
Have a great day!

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