Monday, July 11, 2011

Kansas City Favorites

So without going into the details of my trip, I thought it would be more fun to post our favorite places that we went and some family photos. KC is a really fun city with something for everyone!

This place is INCREDIBLE. It is located in the Crowne Center
which is a shopping center in Downtown KC. We usually go to the big Crayola Store there. Ok, back to Fritz's. The feel is a 50's diner and each kid gets a hat when they come in. You order your food through this telephone at your booth.

All around the restaurant is a "food delivery system" where your food is brought to you on a little train. A mechanism causes the train to "drop off" the food to the platform above your table, which then lowers to deliver your food.

The food is great, the kids go crazy, it's a blast. Just make sure to get there before 11:30. We were lucky to beat the lunch rush.

Me and my husband had a great night out with my brother, sister and my brother's girlfriend in the Power and Light District in Downtown Kansas City. It's just cool to walk around and look at everything and there are numerous bars and restaurants so you will never get bored! 
We had a great time, I definitely can't wait to go back and try more awesome food and fun :)

This outing was an absolute miracle. This small waterpark is only a few minutes from my mom's house and we discovered it by a sign on the highway on our way home from Macy's (a sign, go figure). It was the day we were leaving and I wanted to wear the kids out and it is only $10 to get into this waterpark. (37 inches and under are free).

The only problem with visiting a waterpark is that Leonard usually FREAKS OUT. I knew I was taking a chance, but I had plenty of hands to help. Miraculously, Leonard went right up to the water in the play area and spent HOURS wading and swimming and splashing. I was so shocked! Bela was a little fish as usual, but I was really impressed with Leonard.
So those are a few of our trip highlights, didn't want to totally overwhelm with family vacay stuff, but if you are every traveling that way, you have some neat place to go. Here are a few more links of my faves.

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That splash park looks awesome!!