Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In Progress - Scrappy Denim Applique Quilt - Part II

All of the blocks are pieced together. I decided to put the squares together and then applique the rest of the denim squares so I could lay out the pieces before I did the rest of the appliques. 
 These are all the pieces laid out. I think I rearranged a few after I took this photo. It's actually looking much less wonky that I thought it would! It's probably going to be really cute! I am probably going to add a band around the entire thing of about 4 inches to add some uniformity, I just have to pick out that fabric for that, the backing, the binding and my filler. 

This has been an enjoyable project despite taking longer than one day :) I have a pattern picked out for my next quilt but I will be purchasing coordinating fabrics for that one.

So it looks like I will definitely get this done in one month, maybe less! More pics to come :)


Joanne said...

thanks for posting the progress!!! You are doing great!

Eva Scott said...

It's looking great!