Friday, July 8, 2011

Finally Home

So we made it home alive driving all the way to Kansas City and back with 2 toddlers. Quite a miracle I must say! We had such an amazing time and did so many fun things and still managed to not do a lot of things on our list.

I took this photo somewhere in Illinois I think (don't worry, I wasn't driving!) It's just a whole lot of farms driving through that part of the Midwest, but it's still pretty.

We usually stop and go see the arch whenever we drive to KC but the thought of getting the kids out and then making them get back in their carseats again didn't seem like a good idea!

I have no idea how to even blog about our time there because it would take forever so I will probably do a few and post lots of links so if you are ever in the KC area, you have some fun things on your list to do.

We stayed with my parents and they were totally awesome to let us stay in their "wing" of the house so we had our own area with the kids. My parents had a FULL house! My other 3 siblings live at home, plus my sister's friend is starting an internship at the International House of Prayer so she was staying with them until it started AND another of my sister's friends flew in from Georgia for a visit. There was plenty of room for everyone and it was awesome!
 One fabulous baby girl
 The adorable Lightning McQueen cake that my sister made for Leonard's birthday

 My awesome sister, Carmen
 My brother, Josh
 The Feathers kids going out together for the first time in a LONG time! Joined by my hubby and my brother's girlfriend :)

I have to once again sing the praises of the Flylady because it was so nice to come home to a CLEAN house. Because it wasn't crazy I got almost all of my unpacking done yesterday! There will be no post vacation chaos for the Russell family and that makes me very happy!

So life is back to normal and it's not as fun being with my family all the time, but at least I have new stuff to babble about on my blog!

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