Friday, July 8, 2011

Kansas City - Loose Park

We had an amazing time in Kansas City, MO visiting my family. There is so much to do and see there and it's just gorgeous too. We went to Loose Park our first day there. It is an absolutely amazing park. It's HUGE! It has a playground, rose garden, splash park, numerous ponds, walking paths, it's so much fun! If you are ever in KCMO, you have to go, you could seriously wander around for hours.

The only bad thing about this trip to Loose Park was how HOT IT WAS! It was almost unbearable!!!! I don't really know what we were thinking taking the kids out in that heat, but they had a great time.


This was Bela at the end of the trip at Chik Fil a. She ended up sleeping the whole time and missed lunch!

More to come if I can ever get three seconds to sit down :)

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Eva Scott said...

I can't fathom anywhere being hotter than what it is in Jax right now! Eek!