Sunday, December 26, 2010

Earwarmers and Laptop Sleeve

After all of the crafting for others, I really needed to craft something for myself :)

Of course the crafting bug hit on Christmas Day, when we were bored and had nothing to do and of course not a craft store ANYWHERE is open. So I made some earwarmers for my upcoming trip to Kansas City. Turned out quite cute.

I was working from my own depleted stash so I turned to my PJ drawer.

This one was made from a pair of thermal pants and some flower poms that were going to be a necklace, but I made a brooch-type thing instead. The broach is removable :)

This was made from an old dance t-shirt. It is super cute in person and I even got to wear it today since it was REALLY cold!

Delia over at Delia Creates is the brain behind the earwarmers. She is so clever, please be sure to check out her blog :)

Now for more fun :)

I've been needing a laptop case since I take mine with me for school and travel so I came upon this clever tutorial. You simply must check out Amy a la Mode, especially if you are into knitting/crocheting or quilting.

I rushed out to Joann today to grab some materials and was pleased to find some really cute fabric. I used a heavier weight fabric and a quilting cotton fabric for the inside. I also used fusible batting. Which was really nice considering I've never quilted. It was nice that I didn't have to pin the fabric when I was quilting and that it just stuck on.

VOILA! So happy with how this turned out. Now my hubby wants one for his new laptop :) This was also really easy :)


Rebecca said...

wow-the ear warmers are soo cute!!!

Eva Scott said...

Hope those ear warmers kept you warm! Love the laptop bag!