Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's for Dinner Wednesday?

Ok, I seriously almost forgot about today's post...whoops! Doesn't help that tonight's dinner is very boring and not exciting...Chicken, Rice and I consulted my binder of recipes that I have collected over the years...nothing...I am so not going to the grocery store and I am out of at least one thing for every chicken I am pulling out the standby and in reality, my standby isn't all that bad and it's easy.

I may not remember to pick up soy sauce and garlic when I am out, but I always have extras of three things in my fridge.

Having these items ensures that your family at LEAST gets a warm, home-cooked, but only half home-made meal. Better than ordering pizza or giving up and spending too much money going out to eat :)

Also make sure you have a decently stocked spice rack. The right combo of spices makes even a boring chicken meal fun. My favorite for juicy, flavorful chicken is simple. Seasoning salt and thyme. I don't know why but it is SO GOOD. Toss your steamed veggies in some butter or EVOO and thyme and you have a nice meal. And come on, EVERYONE loves chicken Rice a Roni!

So, while it isn't anything life changing like Apricot Glazed is saving us from pizza night :)


jaime said...

Baked chicken is simple AND yummy! I gotta tell u the other came up w a super simple crowd pleaser. I called it "cowboy" macoroni (kids u know). It ws mac'n cheese with browned ground turkey, a can of diced tomatoes, AND KC masterpeice bbq sauce. It ws so good! It suprised me to say the least but everyone loved it. Serve it with a salad or steamed veg and there u go! Rockin it old school! Lol

Erin said...

Oh that sounds good, I like anything with ground turkey in it...mmmm!