Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stay Warm and be Crafty

I hope everyone is staying warm in Sunshine-y Florida and everywhere else! It is COLD, this old house just ain't cut out for this weather.

I have had a few free evenings this week to work on some craftiness, which hasn't happened in a while so I have been having lots of fun!

I made a couple of these to put some gifts in. I didn't use Christmas-y fabric so they can be re-used for anything.
I got the idea for these fun gift tags from Lola Nova, what an awesome blog!
I couldn't figure out how to get a good picture of this headband I made. I have like a MILLION little fabric roses that I need to use on something so here it is. It is much cuter on a head...

THIS is today's creation which I am in love with. This will probably be under the tree for Bela. I have seen so many stuffed owl things and I LOVE owls so I just sorta made my own pattern and I cannot believe it turned out so cute!

My kids love playing with cell phones. We have a bunch of old ones and the kids are so cute playing with their phones. I just wish they weren't sitting on the ugly spot of the floor where our bookshelves used to be!

This is about the only use the training potty has gotten. It is a stool and a chair to sit on while playing at the train table...go figure...

Hope everyone is bundled up and warm! Have a great day!


Joanne said...

awesome crafts!

LOL about the potty being their place to sit and play.

They are adorable!

LOVE the owl.. you did great!

jaime said...

I love the headband and owl! I tried the 15 minute thing yesterday, I didn't take pics but I did kitchen closet and it turned out better than I hoped and I didn't get overwhelmed (usually an issue). So big high five :-).

Erin said...

Yay Jaime! I was afraid I couldn't get it done in 15 minutes but I was amazed! Luv you cuz!

jaime said...

Yeah extra jobs around the house don't seem so daunting when its only 15 min. Fabulous tip! aww love u too :-)

Rebecca said...

wow-that Owl pillow is awesome!! I can't believe I'm just now seeing it! I am catching up on blog reading today!

Eva Scott said...

Awesome owl and love those gift tags!