Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Traveling, New Year, Fun Stuff

Well I will be en route to KCMO tomorrow, so no blogging till after the new year for me. Going to spend time with my family and attend the Onething conference. I am so excited. Almost 30,000 people are registered this year, can you imagine worshiping with so many people?!?!?! Exciting!

I am really praying that the Lord gives me an awesome impartation and some direction for the new year. We are living in some incredible times, God is moving all over the world in such an incredible way and we get to be a part of it!

You can get on ihop.org and watch the webcast of the conference for FREE (yay! free is good!).

There are lots of good resolutions to make this year, but I for one want to pursue the HOLY ONE and live with boldness, unafraid to open my mouth and speak what is on my heart. I love many things, my hubby, my kids, crafting and anything involving pretty fabric, but to gaze on the one who calls US his BELOVED! THAT is everything.

"My Beloved is beautiful, dazzling and excellent, my Beloved is beautiful, he stands ALONE!"
I think I am finally starting to learn how to incorporate living a life in pursuit of Him, and being a mom, wife, sister, daughter and it is so much easier than I thought. Some days really just stink, but HE is our peace, the fire in our hearts and he is fully capable of making it all work!

I am going to try to incorporate some little tidbits from Jesus in my blogging this year :0) I think He has something to say this year for stay at home mommies.

Be blessed and bask in his love and favor

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