Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Organized Momma

I would by no means call myself an expert on the subject of home organization, BUT I have found some tools that have really helped us, especially living in an early 1900's home with no closet space. I had been off the plan for a while and just got back on it, and I realized how much easier life is! Hopefully this will be the start of a weekly post where I will post the cleaning tasks I accomplished, complete with before and after photos. Here's hoping. Sorry if this is long and wordy, but do read it!

I have shared a few times about the Just Mommies Home Organization Plan but I am going to go into a bit more detail as to how it works.

When I became a SAHM, I knew that if I let myself, I would spend the entire day cleaning. I can thank my Grandma Janet for my slightly OCD cleaning habits. Even as a teenager I would do strange things like clean ALL of the grout on the kitchen floor with a toothbrush and bleach. I would delight in polishing the silver...and when I learned to iron embroidered linens so that the embroidery would "pop" out (thanks Martha Stewart), I scoured the house looking for every linen that was embroidered that I could find...

I really wanted to enjoy my time with my kids and the Justmommies plan has worked GREAT for us! Its super easy, just print off the month and stick it on the fridge.

Here is an example of how a day works.

Morning- make bed, wipe down bathroom, set out dinner.
Afternoon - Work on Weekly or Monthly tasks. Afternoon tidy.
Nighttime - Kids bath, brush and bed. Clean kitchen.

I do most of my afternoon work during naps or while my son is eating lunch. Some days may be a little more work than others and you even get catch up days for your monthly tasks. It may be something easy little cleaning the dishwasher, which just requires running it with some vinegar, or a little more labor intensive like cleaning the baseboards in a room. Like yesterday was wipe down kitchen chairs...you have no idea how gross those get!

Once you get the hang of it, you realize you have MUCH more time to enjoy your kids and when you get off the plan...well you realize you need to get back on it!

There is also a decluttering challenge every month. Somethings may not apply to you , so just cross off what doesn't apply. It's just a challenge so you don't have to do everything.

So everyone print out your calendars, you can do it! Also, post your home organization tips, we got some smart mommas out there!

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Joanne said...

Thanks for posting this! Anything helps to stay more organized.. I am going to read over that site..