Sunday, December 12, 2010

Long overdue

So it has been a bit of a weird week and I completely forgot to update on the Apricot Glazed Chicken. It was totally amazing :) Even better the next day :) Definitely going in the rotation for sure!

Ok, so my Pilates instructor told me about this website for more help on getting organized and running your home more efficiently. A new year is around the corner and I think most moms resolve to be more organized, etc. So let's do it this year!

I have started doing the 15 minute declutter and I tackled my closet first. Which, if you live in Riverside, you know is the size of well...a very tiny person's closet.


Now if you are in the middle of a renovation in Riverside you also know that there may be missing doors in your house...I don't keep many of my clothes in my closet, it is really craft storage and whatever will fit. So there it is. My horrid closet for all the blogosphere to see.

Now for the challenge.

15 Minutes - Twice a week

Set the clock and tackle a problem area.

STOP after 15 minutes.

Take a BEFORE and AFTER photo.

Post on your blog, Facebook or whatever and leave the link in your comment.

Here's my closet

Now it isn't perfection yet by any means, but I can find my stuff and I was able to finish filling another 2 bags for Goodwill. And seriously, all in 15 minutes. Now I totally embarrassed myself showing my ugly closet, so you better show me your clutter too!


Joanne said...

good improvement!
My dad would set a timer too... I need to do that.

Eva Scott said...

That's a good thing to do...quick and easy