Thursday, December 16, 2010

Life, Blogs and the Pursuit of Happiness

I am obsessed...with blogs that is. Everyday I come across a blog or two that really inspires me and makes me want to make my blog even more awesome! It is pretty amazing to think that there are other moms out there finding ways to make something pretty on their own or just sharing their lives in a fun and creative way.

I couldn't even tell you how I came across The Pioneer Woman but wow, she has an AMAZING blog, she homeschools, cooks, has a FARM! I mean seriously! Make sure you check her out, there is so much cool stuff on her blog.

We have been enjoying (well sort of) some very chilly weather here in Florida, which has meant a lot of days indoors. We finally got out yesterday as it warmed up a bit and what a difference some time at the park can make!

Sometimes when cooped up indoors with a rough and tumble 2 yr old boy and a spunky 1 yr old girl can make you question your own sanity and completely doubt your ability as a parent! Getting outdoors can help you remember, yes I do love being a mom and no I don't want to send them back to the hospital.

My amazing little Isabela-Bean. She has the most amazing giggle and smile and the personality to go with that RED hair. She doesn't know what "NO" means yet and just laughs at me when she is in trouble, but gosh, how can you resist!
She was having an interesting hair day yesterday....

My Leonard is so full of energy and uses quite a bit of it to test my patience daily. BUT, he is so gosh darn sweet it is hard to stay mad long! He loves Caillou, duckies and Transformers and is currently addicted to "Chocolate Cow" (chocolate milk). Sometimes I think I have NO CLUE about being a good mom, and then he will do something that makes me think "wow, he is such an awesome kid!"

So during those moments when the toys are everywhere, you stepped on yet ANOTHER goldfish or cracker and crushed it on the floor, mopped up a thrown cup of yogurt...remember that we have been entrusted with these tiny treasures and that God has them right in his hands, even when we feel like things are running out of control.

And I will remind myself too!


Joanne said...

you are an AMAZING mom of two adorable children!!!! So glad I have Caleb so the kids can grow up together. This is FUN! (And yes, patience does get tested.. thank God for nap time!)

Jennifer said...

Ohh, the Pioneer Woman is crazy inspiring, and sometimes just crazy! :)

Rebecca said...

I definitely have had those days lately! But it's true, being a mom is the best privilege!

Eva Scott said...

I am obsessed with blogs too! ;-) I'm going to check out this Pioneer lady!