Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Book Review - More on "French Women Don't Get Fat"

A quick note before I jump into the reviews.  If you have not yet emailed me your address for the giveaway, please do so at I am sending stuff out today so try and get this to me soon :)

Ok now to the good stuff :)

I am mentioning this book again because I WANT YOU TO READ IT!  It's a very nice read, it's more like a story than anything.  I've been struggling a bit losing my last 10 lbs. I am feeling great and looking better but yet still depending on that scale for gratification.  Yet, I don't want to sacrifice actually eating in order to get there.  I do like food :-) If you have been struggling with weight issues or body issues in general (so basically if you are a woman) This book is for you!

There are a couple things that this book won't do. 
It won't guarantee results in 2 weeks.  It won't give you a thousand "rules" and a list of what you can and can't eat.  BUT, it will teach you how to enjoy REAL FOOD and enjoy it WELL.  

There are a few strange French tricks that they use.  Like a leek soup over 48 hours, which isn't my favorite but a similar process can be done with a detox of sorts with fruits and veggies.  These aren't "fad" tricks, they are time-tested by French women for generations as a way to get the body back on track. From there, it's an amazing journey to exploring and enjoying new foods :)

The American woman needs to learn a few things about enjoying food, cooking and the art of eating!  But you have to learn some of these French tricks first :) You will actually ENJOY reading about Mireille's travels and how she got where she is today.

Now imagine my joy when I discovered that Mireille Guiliano wrote an accompanying COOKBOOK!

I picked it up at the library because I thought that it was probably full of lots of complicated French recipes with snails. But not quite so.  This cookbook contains words like "heavy cream", "butter" (the real kind), and CHEESE! Not quite the diet cookbook you were thinking of?  Well start changing how you eat and you will understand how this works.

We have enjoyed a couple of the recipes so far.  Like the Cumin Tilapia with Mushrooms with I served with sauted carrots and zucchini and a small french roll.  Super simple, light but incredibly satisfying.  Then last night we had Chicken en Croute Fiona Style which is chicken cutlets dipped in egg wash and a coating of lemon and orange zest, herbs and parmesean cheese.  AMAZING!!!! Again, really easy to make and it was a hit!

It is my hope for myself and other women that we can jump off the dieting bandwagon and fix our bad relationship with food.  So who is on board?  Over the next couple of weeks I'll be sharing some recipes and my progress and hopefully some changed ideas about food.

If you live in Jacksonville, there are many copies of her books at the library, but I am going to be making the investment soon and just buying these. 

Also, I have been finding a wealth of wonderful recipes through the Self Challenge, it has been a great addition to the principles in this book.

So on a different note...if all goes well this afternoon with my kids napping...I will actually be posting a new project...that is assuming the idea in my head translates properly in real life...hoping it works out! Have a great day!

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