Monday, May 2, 2011

More Green Fun

I recently cleaned out my filing cabinet and was left with a HUGE pile of paper.  I had just finished my "green" post and was trying to figure out what to do with it.  You can't put office paper in our recycling bins, but I couldn't really bare putting it all in the trash (it was a lot).

Then I remembered the Paper Retriever at the YMCA I go to.  The Paper Retriever accepts a lot of paper items that your local recycling may not take AND it helps raise money for the organization that it is placed at AND you help reduce paper waste. WIN WIN WIN!  I am at the gym a lot so I piled it all in a box and dumped it in when I went next.

Now I keep a bag handy to place any papers and mail that we throw out and just take them whenever my bag is full :)  Yay for being nice to the planet!

Make sure you check out the link above to see if there is one near you or maybe your organization needs one to raise money.  It's a GREAT idea!  Now you have a great excuse to really clean out your desk! Woohoo!

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Joanne said...

what a great idea!!!