Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Bit of Denim Fun

I've had this yard of lightweight denim for a while with the intention of making this Paper Bag Skirt from A Lemon Squeezy Home which is a wonderful blog if you aren't following it already.

I opted out of the beltloops, but after seeing it on Bela, I think I might do them after all and make belts to coordinate with her outfits. 

It's still turned turned out really cute.  I didn't do contrasting pockets because I want this to go with anything. This was a really easy project.  The pockets take longer than the actual skirt construction.  I need an embroidery machine because I think her initials or something would be so cute embroidered on one of the pockets :)

 Little Miss Thang is not the most cooperative model. I wanted to get some great "brother-sister" shots, but Leonard proceeded to have a pee-pee accident about 2 minutes after I took these photos.
 She is mad at me because I am snapping photos and not putting her in the swing promptly.
 The real miracle is that this hairstyle lasted till 11am.
 Lightweight for spring and easy to play in too!
I know I am biased...but she is just so lovely :) Even if she has the attitude to go with that red hair :)

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Eva Scott said...

Turned out super cute!