Monday, May 16, 2011

Take a Break

I have to say it has been a bit crazy and stressful around here. We recently put our house on the market, potty training, and just life in general have been wearing a bit on me.  

Last week I didn't take a a hiaitus from cleaning, but I did take a break from my zone cleaning and just did the basic Fly routine.  Last week was the kitchen and mine is in pretty good shape so I didn't feel too bad.

Sometimes we all just need a BREAK.  This doesn't mean just letting everything go to messyland, just trying to do the minimum and letting your self enjoy things a bit.  

Do you ever get the feeling you aren't enjoying your kids as much as you should and just letting yourself get frizzled (one of my words) with everyday life?

Now i'll admit that sometimes the house drove me a little crazy because it wasn't to my exacting standards, but here are a few things I did last week to let go a bit.

1. During naps I let myself watch my tivo'd episodes of Real Housewives without feeling GUILTY that I wasn't knee-deep in housework.  I even had a snack while I was at it too! I folded a few loads here and there but tried to really relax.

2. Took the time to make myself breakfast and lunch.  How many of you DON'T do this.  Well my lunch habits were out of control and most of the time my lunch consisted of a bowl of cereal or whatever I could grab easily.  I started the Self Drop 10 Challenge last week and there are LOTS of really great breakfast and lunch options.  This is an area where I struggle so having a bunch of new ideas for breakfast and lunch has been awesome.

3. Took more time to PLAY with the kids.  We spent MANY days last week chilling by the kiddie pool and playing outside.  The room was covered in toys for days, it was great. We even took a beach day on Friday (yep all by myself with the kiddos) and had so much fun we went back on Saturday with Daddy.

4. Went to the gym, often! OK, this might not be relaxing for everyone but I love working out and it provides some kid-free time during the week.  You would be surprised at how much better you feel when you get those endorphins flowing :) I even went for a run outside on Saturday evening after a big rainstorm, it was AWESOME running on the river :)

5.  Time with Jesus.  We do have a House of Prayer here in Jax and despite it being ridiculously close, I never make it out there.  Well, I went out Friday night and left the kids with daddy for some much needed Jesus time.  You really need that more than anything else :)
Maybe relaxing and letting go isn't something you struggle with, but boy, I really needed a week to just chill a bit.  I realize that I am pretty high strung about certain things and need a chill pill!

So back on track with our normal schedule, mostly in regards to cleaning.  But I feel refreshed and ready to take on the week instead of drowsy and annoyed like I was beginning of last week :)

 Nothing beats a kiddie pool on a hot day for super cheap fun!

 We joined some friends at the Splashpark at the Zoo for more water fun this week!

 I can't even begin to understand my child...she does everything upside down!
 I can flllyyyyyy!
 They were both so happy and content to play in the sand at the beach, isn't it wonderful how children enjoy such simple things :)
 Lenny loves to RUUUNNNN in the sand!
 They really are pals, despite the smacking and fighting!
 Lenny is doing GREAT with potty training and insisted on this "on the potty" shot to practice his "cheese smile".

A super end to a great week with beach time with Daddy!

Make this week a great one! It's up to you to make the best of every circumstance, even the yucky ones :)


Eva Scott said...

Bella's bikini is seriously adorable!!!

And totally feel you on this post. Some days I just take a nap, even though I do feel guilty cause there's so much to do in these next couple of months. But good post. Thanks!

Joanne said...

awesome post Erin!

Caleb and I played outside last night for well over an hour.. the weather was SO nice, and it was just fun to run around, and play with some frogs we found, throw the ball for the dog, simple things.. but SO restful!

Thanks for the reality check post!!! :)

Let us know when you go to the beach again.. we will come if we can!

Anonymous said...

I really like this post. Belas bikini is so stinkin cute. We have one very similar!

Kimberly said...

Oops forgot to type my name in above..