Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Heart the Prefold

When I started cloth diapering over a year ago I never thought I would utter the words, "I love prefolds".  In the world of cloth diapering they are pretty archaic and not nearly as amazing and high tech as the pocket diaper, all-in-one, hybrid systems, and on and on.  But as we have these amazing advances that make CDing more accessible for every lifestyle, more and more die-hard followers of the fluff (hehe) are falling in love with prefolds all over again.

I started CDing with pocket diapers.  I use Kawaii and Bumgenius diapers, but I was CDing two children and needed a cheaper way to increase my stash so I wasn't washing everyday.  I decided to buy a dozen PFs and some covers and a Snappy to give them a whirl.
You can find many video tutorials on how to put on your prefolds.  Here is a really good one.

This uses a Snappy, but I have even used PINS.  Yep, when I lost both of my Snappis I bought some pins until I ordered new Snappis.  Not as fast, but still gets the job done.  So why do I love prefolds?

SUPER easy to wash and dry.  They wash up and dry very nicely and easily.

CHEAP.  Even buying the more expensive ones, you save a TON.  Take the money you save to buy really cute covers.

MULTIPLE uses.  I have used prefolds to stuff my pocket diapers and they make an excellent overnight diaper when paired with a hemp doubler.
EASIER than you think to use.  It didn't take long to master changing prefolds.  

SPACE saver.  I don't know why, but these store so much easier than my other diapers.  Just a stack of prefolds and a wad of covers stuffed in a drawer.  SO easy.  

NO STUFFING.  I love my pockets because they do last a bit longer absorbency wise but I really dislike stuffing diapers sometimes.

Here's my Bela rocking the fluff cover-free :)

Cloth diapering has really turned out to be something I can feel awesome about doing for my kids.  I was never one of those natural child-birthing, breastfeeding, organic food only,  attachment parenting types.  I kind of rock the mold a bit for a CDing mom :)  I hope I prove to all moms that CDing is for EVERYONE!  You can do it too!  Save money, save your kid's bum, save the planet :-)

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jaime said...

I have a pretty decent stash of pockets now (all kawaii) but I started with prefold and cover. now that the excitement of the new pockets has worn off I'm reaching for my old PFs. I pinned for a long time, I actually got pretty good at lol. Then I Ordered a snappi and it ws love lol. I'm now using my flats as un-paper towels, super absorbent. I've been using the pfs mostly for nightime with the microfider insert as a doubler. Don't get me wrong I still love my pockets, especially when we go out bc they r so easy and cute ! But nothing beats the softness and reliability of a good old fashion flat or prefold.