Monday, May 23, 2011

Outside the Lunch Box - Tuna Tortilla Rolls

So today when I went into the kitchen to make the kid's lunch I realized that I am definitely in a lunch rut.

So I thought a little outside our usual lunch box and try something a little different. Then I had an idea! So now that it is almost summer many moms will have all their kids at home, so how about we all share some fun new lunch ideas to jazz things up :) 

I use the guidelines that childcare centers are required to use.  It is based on the new food pyramid.  It makes it easy to figure out your meals because you basically just fill in the blanks.  What you use to fill it in is up to you. You can print out the guidelines HERE

Now I would really like for this to be a collaborative effort.  I want ideas!  I'm no expert in this area, but we can learn from each other :)  So here is what you can do:

#1 Email me at  and send me your recipes there.

#2 If you have your own blog, post the link to your own "Outside the Lunch Box" post.

#3 Or you can just leave your yummy lunch idea in the comments area.

Here is what we did today: Tuna Tortilla Rolls

You will need:
1 whole wheat tortilla
1 can of tuna prepared however you like it
1/2 cup of any veggie, 1/2 cup of any fruit

 Spread the tuna on in a nice, even layer
 Roll like a fruit roll-up and slice with a serrated knife into little pinwheels
 Slice up your fruit and veggies, I threw a couple pieces of cheese with the zucchini because it's sort of new to them. They tried the zucchini, but not fans quite yet.  Remember to keep trying, it may take up to THIRTY tries for a child to take to a new food.
 Give your kids utensils! Mine love them even if they don't always use them, but you would be surprised at how much they will use them if you offer them.

The pinwheels were a HIT! Not a single one left.  Only some chewed on pieces of zucchini remained :)

Try the pinwheel idea with all kinds of things.  PB&J, cream cheese and spinach, bananas, Nutella.  If it can be spread, it will work! Enjoy and please contribute! I would love to try to keep this going :)