Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Not Afraid to Trash It

So my craft area has gotten a wee bit out of control as of late.  Not that I have been up to a whole lot of crafting, but I decided to make this adorable pinafore at the last minute for my friend's baby shower. Not a terribly difficult task except my craft area was so disorganized, I couldn't find anything and it took me forever to actually finish the dress, a bow and a matching hairpiece.  Of course NONE of which I took photos of...

Anyways, my whole room has been out of control lately. I've been keeping up with my Flylady stuff in the other parts of the house, but my room always falls last.  PLUS, it was just time to get rid of stuff.

So, my hubby pulled down some stuff from the attic to get rid of and it inspired me to get down to it and trash, goodwill or curb a bunch of stuff.

I am quite happy with what I got rid of :) But there was the pesky issue of my crazy crafting area. I love sewing, but my dislike is all the little bitty annoying things you need to sew. I found a bunch of these glass jars from my wedding and set out to reorganize.

Ok, so for some reason it doesn't look MUCH different...but I promise it's much tidier in real life :)
 I love my jar of buttons and my book-page covered eggs from a failed attempt at this wreath from Easter (took too long so I got bored)
 These jars hold all the little doo-dads that I get sick of getting up and searching for (man...check out all the hot glue stuck to my sewing table...)

You know, it feels really good to get rid of things that are just things...but what do you do with things like this?

I have MANY porcelain dolls from my grandmother. All the girls in the family would get them starting at a certain age so I have TONS. I have most of them stored away but my grandmother gave me these when I was older, the bridal doll was the last one she gave me before she died. They have a lot of sentimental value and I don't want to store these but they don't really go with anything and my kids are getting taller...they sit on my dresser...any ideas peeps?

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