Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fun Little Jumper

So I FINALLY finished the second project from my One Yard Wonders book.  This one gave me a few problems, mostly because I over-complicated the instructions, didn't read things and because I am a ditz. HAHA!

My main problem is that I keep buying unidirectional patterns.  Meaning that it has patterns that go ONE WAY.  I need to pay more attention to this when buying fabric.  I mean, it is IN THE DIRECTIONS.  Not for use with unidirectional patterns...my blonde roots show...a lot.

The first problem was, I sewed the wrong sides together for the skirt.  Instead of the shorter sides, I sewed the long sides.  When I went to sew the top band on I had issues because DUH, the back and front GATHER!  So I had to take it apart.  Then I sewed the straps on wrong (THREE times).  Amazingly enough, I did the buttonholes perfect the first time!  What should have taken an hour...took me two days...but that's ok :) 

Aside from the issues.  It's a very easy dress to make and what I love the most about this book is how nicely everything is finished in the end.  I am learning lots :)

I'd be happy to post the directions with little tips on how to NOT do it completely wrong :) but let me know what you all think first :)

So my next venture is tackling the yard of lightweight denim I bought for a paperbag skirt and maybe some shorts, still looking for the right tutorial...


Eva Scott said...

Adorable! I totally have on my to-do list one day a paperbag skirt & shorts. I saw some shorts that tie on the sides - super cute!

Joanne said...

That is SO cute!!! You are doing great!