Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day 2011

So I can't really say that I made anything spectacularly original for Father's Day. This is probably the first year we have really been able to do anything with the kids for Father's Day so simple was the name of the game.

We started out Saturday morning with the hopes of getting some pics of all three kids at the park and getting some wooden frames for the kids to paint. easy enough?

I COULD NOT get any decent photos of the kids altogether (meltdown of the day #1 goes to Lenny). So I decided to do three photos and have each kid paint their own frame.

OK, this isn't actually from today's shoot. This is from a supervised makeup playtime. It's just the complete essence of Bela in a photo. The pics from this are HILARIOUS.
He was NOT COOPERATIVE. This photo is blurry but it works and will be replaced by a more suitable photo should one ever be taken. He's still adorable.
Of course it took 2 seconds to get a good picture of Alexa. Thankful for one cooperative child.
 Alexa painted her own, I painted Bela's and Leonard did his own with the help of Alexa painting his hands so he could put prints all over his frame. His actually is really cool looking! I found the little Scrabble looking letters in the wood working section at Michaels. The frames were only .66! Score! The acrylic paints were on sale 2/$1. We even grabbed some extra wood items for more painting fun, scrapbooking stickers for our card and still spent less than $20! Woohoo!
 My favorite part is the card I made :) Not a typical Father's Day card, but it makes complete sense if your dad is an Architect! It's the clouds and a skyline complete with a shipping container building on the left (my hubby's current obsession is shipping container architecture). I love it, we put a sweet message inside and I just think it's so fun.

He loved it of course and we had a wonderful day even though I ended up having to go grocery shopping at 7:30pm and poor hubby ended up doing dishes on Father's Day.

Oh and the hubs TOTALLY showed me up by calling MY DAD before me on Father's Day! 
My dad is an amazing spiritual father to many, but I am one of four very blessed people that get to call him Daddy :) Of course everyone thinks their own parents are amazing, but seriously. Mine are :)

Hope everyone enjoyed their time with their Fathers or took some special time to remember Fathers that are no longer with us. Have a blessed Monday!

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