Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Peplum Play Outfit

I actually finished this outfit the other day and just had to make the buttonholes and sew the buttons on today.  I found the top in my One Yard Wonders book.  I have to give a glowing recommendation to this book.  I have made 4 pieces in it and I love how simple everything is and how clean and well finished all the items turn out. 

I even HAND STITCHED the inside of the top where you take the raw edge where the ruffle meets the top, tuck it in and hide it in the lining. It called for a slipstitch and I was about 2 seconds from just top-stitching it in my machine, but I am so glad I did it the way the directions asked. The inside of the top is just as lovely as the outside.

The capri pants are just a Simplicity PJ pants pattern that I made into capris.  I seem to make Bela a lot of dresses, but she needs more things she can play in and this is super comfy and perfect for playtime :)

The peplum is just a fancy word for a ruffle on the waist.  This top has the ruffle just at the hips, which is so darling.
 The fabric is another Walmart special ;)

Excuse the mess. We are getting rid of Alexa's Barbie things and this is the random tiny pieces throw away pile.
 Just because I like the expression on her face.
 I don't know why I don't do indoor shoots in here more often. It gets amazing sunlight (tons of windows) and the wall color is so fun!
 Fuzzy...but we had to get Lenny in too.

I think I will be making quite a few more tops like this because they are really easy and just perfect for summer :) Try going through your patterns and putting something new together. It's really a lot of fun!


Eva Scott said...

Super duper cute!! I need to get that book. I've seen it used on lots of blogs I read too.

Joanne said...

THAT is adorable!!! good job!