Thursday, June 2, 2011

Work in Progress - Repurposed Maternity Top

I've been trying to think a little outside of the box as we have been going through our stuff and purging. Since I sew, I want to be able to repair or repurpose things into something we need.  Now while it is hardly possible that my daughter needs MORE dresses...I needed a chance to work with knit fabric again.
This was probably my favorite maternity shirt and I found it stuffed under my bed with a few pre-baby items (that FIT NOW thank you Jesus!). Obviously DON'T need a maternity top, but it is made of a really nice light knit fabric and would make a really cute little sundress.

Now I didn't get to finish this because my needle broke when I tried going through the sash that ties around back, but let me show you what I got so far and maybe you can start working on one too.
 I started out by cutting the dress in half and I also set aside the ties for the back.
 Using her measurements, I cut the sides in. The empire waist will fit at her natural waist so I don't have to mess with that.
 I also took in the chest/arm hole area about 2 inches.
I pinned it together right sides facing and placed the ties where they used to be as well and pinned them in.

Then I started sewing it up the sides.  Then my needle (my last needle mind you) broke around the area where the ties were pinned in.  Oops.  BUT, overall the dress was coming together really nicely and it looks like it will work. 

My last experience with knit wasn't so good. So this time I tried an overlock stitch up the sides inside of a straight stitch.  I don't have a serger (which apparently rocks with knits) and this seemed to work really well and I couldn't really tell a difference in the seams.  It doesn't pull and stretch out the fabric like a straight stitch, making it easier to deal with.

So until I can get out to Joann...I will have to leave you in suspense, haha! Finished pictures will be up soon :)


Eva Scott said...

It will be super cute. I love black on little girls cause you don't see it that often.

My needle broke this morning too when I was repairing some of Jonathan's shorts. I think I have one more though but going on my to-buy list next time I'm at Joann's!

Juleen Kenney said...

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