Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Project Makeup Organization

It has to be said that I probably have the saddest situation as far as a closet / dressing table area goes.  My closet is more like a broom closet and because we have one bathroom with a pedestal sink I am usually doing my makeup in my room where the light is never quite right.  So what would make us feel better?  Checking out some FAB celebrity closets / dressing rooms.  These aren't closets so much as they are closet ROOMS.  Seriously. Insane.

 This is Christina Agulera's "shoe"'s like a shoe library...wonder if you need a card to check out the shoes?
 Lisa VanDerpump's closet.  So very chic and classy, all I need is a cup of tea.
Designer Nanette Lapore's closet. I absolutely love this. It is probably more like what I would have if I had such a closet.

 Olivia Wilde's closet.  I ADORE the vanity table.
 Paris Hilton's closet.  Definitely not a fan...but I could hang out in her closet!
Dressing area in a master bedroom of the East Wing of the White House circa 1962.  I would NEVER leave!

Pretty amazing.  I drool.  But alas I must be happy with standing at my dresser and choosing clothes from my 3 foot wide closet.  I can comfort myself with the fact that if I indeed had such a closet, I would never leave it...and well that wouldn't be good. Back to reality.

We have been doing quite a bit of purging and organizing over here and recently my lack of organization in my makeup drawers became glaringly apparent.  I couldn't find ANYTHING.  And even after organizing somethings are still lost. BUT, the point is that I can find what I have now :)

Pretty bad indeed.  Wondering why you are always running's probably because you are like me and cannot find your mascara in the BRIGHT ORANGE TUBE!
Come on. You know your makeup bag has looked like this.
Before we start organizing, let's talk about makeup.  Years ago I had the most insane collection of makeup.  It was always a mess and there wasn't a Caboodle on the planet that could contain it.  Years of dancing left me with tons of stage makeup mixed in with my everyday makeup, bobby pins, hair nets, hair ties, etc...I decided to really pare down my makeup to what I actually use.  I recommend you take a really good look at your makeup stash and see what can be tossed.  If you haven't applied it in 6 months, toss it.  

Also, remember that your makeup brushes should be cleaned weekly depending on your makeup usage.  Sometimes its only twice a month for me.  Nasty bacteria can lurk in your brushes and if you are experiencing breakouts this might be why.

No need for fancy organizers, unless you have a really fabulous dressing area.  I have 2 makeup / hair stuff drawers so I am using a few cereal box containers and a couple tupperware containers that lost their lids :)  No one sees it but me and if it keeps things under control, it works for me.

Give all of your cosmetics a nice wipedown with a disinfecting wipe.  Hopefully you have gotten rid of some stuff and have a slightly more realistic collection going. Hanging onto that funky eyeshadow from 1993 isn't doing you any favors. At all.

This is what I ended up with.

 Everything is where I can see it now.  I grabbed a couple applesauce/pudding containers I had saved and put some of my lipsticks in one and my sponge applicators in the other.

I put my larger hairclips and stuff in this makeup bag I made a while ago.

All of the trash and empty containers are gone now and hopefully I won't keep losing my stuff!  Keeping this area clean isn't just about being organized, it's just healthy to keep your makeup things in order and non-gunky :) Rummage through your house and you are sure to find interesting and inventive ways to make your space more functional. Tackle hot spots of clutter a corner at a time and before you know it you are closer to being clutter free.


Joanne said...

AWESOME organizing!!! LOVE it! And LOVE the designers closest "rooms" drool drool drool!

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me about the fabric for that flowered makeup bag you made? I copied a picture of it back when you first posted about it because I wanted to try to find that fabric, but then I couldn't remember where I'd gotten the picture from (this was long before Pinterest:). I'm so glad I spotted it here today! Also, can you share the link where the makeup bag tutorial was originally posted?

Erin said...

The fabric is from Hobby Lobby so it's probably exclusive to HL. I have no idea what the name of the print is...the tutorial is a prudent baby one and probably one of the first things I ever made.

Anonymous said...

Now that I think of it, I believe that post was what brought me to your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

I meant the post on YOUR blog when you first showed the bag!