Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random Stuff

So right before I sat down to write this I discovered that a post I submitted to The Cloth Diaper Whisperer was featured on Wednesday! I didn't actually think it would be chosen, but wow! How exciting! It's a great blog on all things fluffy. Go check it out :)

So it's been busy here. Thus the lack of blog postiness going on here. But don't check out on me quite yet, I am actually working on several crafty things...The Repurposed Maternity Top is nearly complete and because I got bored, I did something miraculous and made something for Lenny.

I got the robot fabric at Walmart on the cheap so it was perfect to experiment with adapting a messenger bag pattern I already had. The one I had was kid size but it needed to be even smaller for my little man. Surprisingly, only had to pull out my seam ripper TWICE on this one! If you want a tute, let me know, I am working on another for my princess.

So the main reason for the craziness was my mom, dad, and youngest sister coming down for a whole week. All I have to say is thank the good Flylady above for the amazing cleaning method because it could have been HORRENDOUS, but it was only slightly horrendous and only took 1/2 a day to recover the house from the crazy. Not bad. The worst of it was letting the laundry start piling on my bed around day 3 and my floors really needed mopping.

We had a BLAST! It was a crazy schedule but we survived.

 We went to my sister's best friend's Grandmother's house (catch all that?) for her friend's graduation party and they had this amazing koi pond in their backyard which Lenny was completely obsessed with.
 A rare photo of all three kids, looking at a camera, at the same time.
 My sister and Bela, there were at least 2 trips to the beach for my landlocked family :)

It was a great visit. Spent lots of time drinking coffee (it's what Feathers/Russells do), we went to see Ballet Magnificat perform, had tea at Cozy Tea, spent lots of time outside and had great conversation (because the Feathers/Russells like to talk,I know, a completely surprise).

We've been having some fun this week too.  We checked out Tillie K. Fowler Regional Park and the kids got sufficiently sweaty and dirty to ensure a swift naptime :)

We've been trying to go a bit out of our normal "park box" and try out some new places and this was a nice and shady park.

The highlight of this week for me was the big rain storm we had the other day. There was no lightening so we all went outside and played in the rain. I think the world would be a better place if we all played in the rain every once in a while. It was soooo much fun!
 Yes my son is running around in his undies...he refuses to wear the swim trunks.

So I am off now to organize fabric and projects to be finished :) Hope you all remember to enjoy something really simple and silly, like playing in the rain, at least once a month :)


Joanne said...

glad you had such a great visit!!! Where are pictures of your parents??? :)
I finished mowing the backyard this morning, in. the. rain. Does that count as playing in the rain??? :)

Erin said...

I know there are a bunch on their cameras, but for some reason my camera only had a few pics from the weekend :(
I cannot believe you mowed in the rain! Haha! But maybe that counts, if you think its fun :)