Monday, June 20, 2011

First Makeup Lesson

Isabela has taken an interest in the contents of my makeup drawer. At the age of 21 months my daughter is bringing me tubes of lipgloss and asking for me to apply it. I don't quite know what to make of this and I am quite sure I am creating some terrible monster by encouraging it (oops).

I had to quickly post these photos from her "supervised makeup playtime". Since she was digging in my drawer anyways, I figured I would at least supervise the craziness and gave her some eyeshadow I was going to get rid of anyways and let her have some fun. Don't worry, the eyeshadow was hypoallergenic! Here are a few more from our fun shoot!

So there you go, at least you have something to laugh at on a Monday morning!


jaime said...

my girls (6 & 2) LOVE make up! it starts so early :) enjoy it, its fun.

Joanne said...

looks like fun! She is so adorable!!!

Eva Scott said...

Ha! Really cute!