Friday, June 17, 2011

Homemade Iced Coffee

So back in the day I worked for a few years at the big coffee giant (not saying names so that the big "S" doesn't seek me out and crush my tiny blog).

Therefore, I can say with complete assurance that this is in no way any different than the way they make it, so you won't be missing out, rather you can sit back and marvel at your clever frugalness.

It's summer in Florida and there is nothing better on a hot day than an iced coffee.  It is a surprisingly waist-friendly option if you don't add too much extra stuff and it's even easier to do that at home.

Here's what you need.

-the leftover coffee in the pot that has cooled
-ice cubes
-flavored creamer of your choice or syrup/milk

Just pour the coffee in a cup (my friend Vicki keeps her Dunkin Donuts and big "S" cups to make it more fun) on top of the ice and add your creamer or whatever. I happened to have some french vanilla creamer which was nice. The flavored creamers work nice because I don't have to add extra sugar. It's just sweet enough.

Now you could buy some syrup from Starbucks or make your own syrup and use milk or half and half.  There is really no limit! The only thing is that if you are used to use granular sugar or fake sugar it is not going to dissolve nicely in this. It's like going to a restaurant and ordering unsweet tea and expecting the 12 packets of sugar you put in there to do anything but sit at the bottom in a clump.

The ideal sweetener would be a syrup of some kind. You can whip up your own Simple Syrup too! I always just use whatever creamer I have on hand.

So I know you have some coffee leftover in that pot in the kitchen, waste not want not!

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Kimberly said...

Yummy! I haven't made homemade iced coffee in forever, so this inspired me. I added a drop of vanilla extract and a sprinkle of ground cinnamon to mine, so delish! I will be drinking this all summer. Thanks Erin!