Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cloth Diapering - Washing and One-Size Diapers

I started cloth diapering in spring of last year.  I was so excited when I found out that my dear cousin, Jaime, CD's as well!  She does all prefolds and covers, but is wanting to branch out into pockets and asked me about my wash routine and one-size pockets.  
I am only CD-ing my daughter now, so I sold off about half my original stash.  I have pockets, prefolds and covers and even a few fitted diapers.  Everything is pretty much one-size.

My cousin's main concern was about the possibility of having to use public laundry facilities due to an upcoming move.  I did a little research and it is absolutely possible to wash your CDs at laundromat.  I found some really great tips on this page.  Just scroll down a bit.

My wash routine is pretty simple compared to most.  I have seen a lot of really insane looking wash routines that really just seem to waste a lot of water (at least to me).  I'm in this to save water, not single handedly support the water company.

My routine is cold rinse, cold wash, hot rinse (repeat with a cold rinse if necessary). During the winter I just dry on low heat, on really hot summer days I lay out to dry.  Remember no fabric softeners.

I use Tide Original powder.  It was recommended to me by a retailer and it works great.  I only use a little bit, stay under the 1 line.  I also have some original Dawn dishwashing liquid and I use a squirt every other wash.  This helps break down any detergent buildup.  So far this has worked wonders, I never have leaks or repelling issues.  Now I will say that if your baby already has sensitive skin, to get something like Charlie's Soap or Planet powdered detergent.  You usually have to buy Charlie's online, but it works great and lasts forever.  Planet brand can actually be found at most natural foods stores.

That's pretty much it for washing, now for pockets.

Pocket diapers totally changed the world of cloth diapering.  It has made CD-ing much less complicated and scary.  They are easy for dads, grandparents and even daycare providers to use.  There are sooooo many brands to choose from, it  is very overwhelming.  I haven't tried a lot, but what I use works :) Let's stick with what works.

Pockets are really easy to use.  They resemble a disposable, fastening with hook and loop closures or snaps.  You simply stuff and strap on like a regular diaper.

My two "go to" brands are Bumgenius and Kawaii.  Each on VERY opposite ends of the price spectrum.

The Bumgenius OS 4.0 pocket runs around $18 and Kawaii OS pockets run around $7.  Both are excellent diapers.  Both are available in snaps and hook and loop.  The only difference is that the Bumgenius pockets are a bit trimmer.

I went for one-size diapers because you can use the same diaper until they potty train.  There are some that claim that OS diapers do not fit as well, but I disagree.  OS diapers have three rows of snaps up the front that change the rise of the diaper.  They are worth it if you are in this to save $$.  Both Bumgenius and Kawaii wash wonderfully and LAST! 

Disclaimer - I am not responsible if my routine messes up your diapers.  This is what works for me, it may not be the best for you.


jaime said...

I got some tips of that diaper jungle link u put up. I didn't even think about running a load of regular clothes before diapers to reduce the residue n the machine. Thanks for doing this I don't know y its so interesting to know how other ppl wash there poop catchers, hahaha. I have to tell u I really like ur blog :-) I look foward to it. Much luv <3 jaime

Erin said...

Thanks Jaime! I spent a long time researching how other people washed their diapers, only people who CD understand the fascination, haha!