Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Follow Me!

If you look over to the right you will see the follow me buttons.  Make sure to follow me if you read this.  I would love to see who is reading and if you have a blog, I want to read it too!  I love finding new blogs, especially written by other moms :)

I love talking about being more organized because we can all use some help getting our homes in order.  An orderly home = sane mommy.  I have mentioned Flylady.net on here a couple times, and now it's official: I'm a believer!

There is A LOT of information on her site, so I have been taking my time reading her site before implementing her method.  Some things I already do, but I like the way she breaks down the house into "zones" for more focused cleaning and decluttering. 

I love her morning and evening routines.  They have really helped and they are the things that you do first (babysteps) when you start the Flylady routine.  The one thing that has helped me a lot is shining my sink.  You basically bleach and clean it till it shines, then be diligent about NOTHING going in that sink.  Either it gets washed, or put in the dishwasher.  I couldn't believe how much easier my day was by simply putting things in the dishwasher as I went!  For some reason walking in the kitchen and seeing the empty sink made my day a bit better.  To get started, go to the Babysteps section.

Now for crafty fun.  Since I wasn't cleaning my house all day...I had time to make my baby girl a dress!

It turned out soooo cute!  I used Prudent Baby's Peasant Dress Tutorial and I was actually a little impressed with myself, I think I actually wont be embarrassed to say I made this!  The hem is actually not a disaster!  I happened to have some gold thread that matched perfectly and for some reason that really made a difference.  And isn't the fabric so retro chic!  I am working on another one in polka dots :)

Now I finally made a Facebook page for my little bow venture, Isaboo Bows.  I am working on getting the like button on here, but in the meantime, here is the link .  I have been wanting to put some barrettes for moms and here is what will be going up today.  Sneak peak time!
 This bow actually is "in progress", give me some opinion...slipped on skinny headband or a barrette attached?

Yeah, I'm a bit into the fabric from the dress.  I can't stop!  These will be on the page and ready to buy sometime today or tomorrow, so keep an eye out.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


jaime said...

Hey, can u do a blog about ur diapers like ur washing routine. I've only used flats or prefolds w covers but I seriously want some pockets. Emmy needs some new ones bc the cheapies I started out w r on there last leg and I figured if I'm gonna get something this late n the game I should get something I can use again (my reasoning to get some OS pockets). I want to get a whole stash of mom label kawaii but we r moving and I'm worried about washing them n an apartment. We r having issues finding want we want w washer/dryer hook up. I might have to deal w a public laundry for a bit. Thanks :-)

Erin said...

Hey I am washing dipes today so I just might do that!

Joanne said...

LOVE the dress.. love the FB page for your bows.. LOVE the flylady concept.. and I LOVE having an EMPTY sink as much as possible!

Eva Scott said...

Super cute fabric as usual!! I "like" Isaboo bows on FB. :-)

Rebecca said...

Wow-the dress is super cute!! I may have to try that one soon!