Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What's for Dinner Wednesday?

I'm gonna be honest.

This is what's for dinner.

I think a really important part of being a good meal planner is setting realistic expectations.  Don't set your self up for failure with your menu if you know you are going to be having an insane week.  This week is the beginning of the semester for both me and my husband.  He is teaching two nights a week and I have 3 classes, mostly online, but one does meet in the classroom.  This week I planned lots of easy, "semi-homemade" dinners.

Thankfully the freezer aisle has lots of options that aren't bad for you.  These fish are already nicely seasoned and are actually quite good.  I love some rice pilaf, it is very kid-friendly and frozen veggies can taste amazing tossed with some EVOO and herbs.

Remember that even though your fish may be "previously frozen" it is still better than getting chinese, a burger or ordering pizza, or even going out to dinner.  You not only save money, but a lot of fat, calories and other bad things :)

So in addition to your famous chicken piccata, make sure you have some easy "semi-homemade" stand-bys.  Make 2011 the year you get the family around the table more and learn how to cook something new for your family.  We all can improve our cooking skills!

If you need some help with meal planning, check out this blog post from Little Birdie Secrets.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Wednesday!

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