Thursday, January 6, 2011


So I did not forget about What's for Dinner Wednesday.  Just regouping after the new year.  We had Turkey Bolognese which I have already posted about and yep, it's still really yummy.

My traveling has caught up with me and I am feeling not so good.  Ugh.  I could go on and on about how bad I feel but I won't cause that's boring.

Fortunately the kids are being pretty good.
Yes, this is being good :)

I pray daily for a playroom, but the reality is that I will just have another room that looks like this.  And as I look at this picture I realize that the Thanksgiving garland is still up...oops!  We did try to make a Christmas one but Leonard just kept tearing up all the Christmas trees after he colored them.

Here's a fun one.  Isabela's hair is going through a funky phase.  It's sort of rooster tail in the back and major widow's peak in the front.  The hair is getting really long in weird places so we can't really trim her bangs.  I snagged some teeny elastic bands at Wal-Mart and figured we would give it a shot.  She actually doesn't mind the bands at all.  So I'm thinking that if I put the  band in then clip a bow on top she won't notice the bow...maybe.  

More random stuff...I have been trying to think of something new to add to my Etsy.  I am going to be doing a lot of fabric hairbows this year so I figured it would be fun to have a matching bag like toddler size.  This did not make the cut, it's way too big, but it would really make a great bag to tote a diaper and a cup in for quickie trips.  Isabela loves toting it around still...I really need to work on my measuring skills...haha!

And here is a gratuitous plug for my brother's band, Crippled Kings.  Click on the link to go to their Facebook and check out their music on Myspace.  They really rock and they really love Jesus and that is really cool.

Now a plug for my mom.  I am trying to convince my mom to make a quilt to try and sell on my Etsy.  She is SUPER good at quilting.  The quilts in the first photo are Leonard and Isabela's, the 2nd photo is the one she just made for Alexa.  They are just the most wonderful things EVER.  They machine wash beautifully and get softer and more wonderful every time.  Leave a comment on how much you like them so I can use them to convince her further!
And here is how I am hoping to spend my afternoon.  I know we all have these stacks lying around our houses of books we either want to read, are currently reading, etc.  Anyone else been totally hungry for the knowledge of the Lord?  I actually LOVE reading the Word and getting into this stuff.  That's definitely a new development!  Now more than ever the Lord is calling us to extravagant intimacy with Him.  Not just having good feelings and experiences, but KNOWING and LOVING His Word.  Read Ps. 119 (yep the really long one).  In the description of the chapter in my Bible it says "Meditations on the Excellencies of the Word of God".  How awesome is that!  As we walk that narrow path, spending our lives in prayer and fasting, the works of justice come forth in an INCREDIBLE, powerful way.  The bound will be set free, the lost will be found, the sick healed, it's good stuff!  Above ALL ELSE, let us remember to keep the 1ST commandment in the 1ST place in our lives.  

Well that was very random...hope everyone is having a great day!

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Eva Scott said...

I loved Bella's hair in the band the other day. :-)

Love the quilts!!! Hoping to make my first one this year!