Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Sweet Bit of Fun

Friday was such a dreary, drabby day.  While at the gym, my Bodyflow instructor mentioned taking her daughter to a taffy pull at this place called Sweet Pete's.  I didn't really think much of it until I saw a friend on Facebook mention it so i figured, hey, let's check it out.
Wow, what a blast!  I am so glad we went!  The kids all got to "pull" their own piece of taffy and wrap them in little wrappers.  Sweet Pete's is in a big old house in Springfield and is full of fun colors and yummy treats.  Best part is that everything is made from all-natural ingredients and many of their candies are vegan and gluten free.  No artificial dyes or flavoring. 

I highly recommend the Sea Salt Caramels ;-)

So if you live in Jax, take a trip out to Springfield and enjoy some of the sweetness.
 Lenny's blob of taffy
 Bela trying to "sneak" some candy

 Hey! A rare photo of me!  Too bad none of my children would cooperate...


So over at Prudent Baby they are having a pretty potholder contest.  The prize?  One of two amazing Brother sewing machines.  My potholders?  Not so pretty, so probably no new sewing machine for me.  I wonder if I tell them that the old sewing machine in the photo is the one I actually use?  Will I get a pity prize?  Haha!  Ok, totally wouldn't do that, but it would be the only way I would win!

I still think I will enjoy having these in my kitchen.  They are my favorite fabric scraps so I think won't mind looking at them everyday in my kitchen.

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Rebecca said...

I think we're going to go there this week!! I'm excited!