Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An AHA! Moment

If you are following the Flylady, then you know we are in Zone 1, which is the front entrance, front porch and dining room.  Since my LR and DR is all kind of one room I do Zone 5 and 1 together.  If you aren't cleaning the Flylady way, get on board!

I had an AHA! moment when I was cleaning my ceiling fan and dusting the window sills.  They weren't really dusty.  AHA!  This thing really does work!  When I first started it took a bucket of cleaner and water to clean my sills.  Today it took a couple clorox wipes.  First time took a LOOONG time.  Today took less than 10 minutes and I even took the glass cover thing off the ceiling fan and cleaned it.

Point is...the sweat in the beginning of this REALLY pays off.  The de-cluttering, the shining the sink, all of this results in LESS TIME CLEANING.  Wow :)

Even my room, which is the biggest de-cluttering project, is looking better.  My kitchen is rarely dirty, which is a miracle, even the time over the weekend where I got a bit off track, it took no time at all to get things back in order.

 Here is my living room :)  This took no time to clean even though the kids had been playing in here.
My yet-to-be-cleaned dining room.  See.  Not that bad.

It is totally possible to get on top of the house craziness!  So let's get started!  Head over to Flylady and get started by shining that sink!  Off to clean my DR and tidy my laundry room!


Jeremiah Russell said...

you know, looking at these photos I realized something (my own "aha" moment) - our house looks SO MUCH BETTER without those nasty half assed book case built-ins. :-\

Joanne said...

The living room photo looks like it came from a magazine! NICE!

And because of YOU.. my sink is pretty much always empty and shiny! :)

Erin said...

Joanne - I feel like I have found the holy grail! Haha! Gosh I love an empty, shiny sink :)