Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Keepin' it Fresh

I love buying produce at the farmer's market :) I live close to several, but I really like going to FRAM the Farmers Market at the Riverside Arts Market.  I live in a wonderful area of town called Riverside-Avondale.  It's artsy, eclectic, historic and lots of fun.  I love that I can wake up on a Saturday morning and walk (or go for a quick drive) to the Farmer's Market and get my produce for the week.  It's a great way to support your local farmers and community.  Plus, you usually get excellent produce.

I hit Reeds Groves' stand weekly.  They have the best deals on produce and it is always amazing.  Their huge bunches of romaine lettuce are so delicious and $1!  I spent $11 on the produce above (minus one apple that Leonard is munching on now).  Not too shabby.  I haven't exactly figured out if I am saving any money, but for the quality, it is totally worth it. 

So if you are in Jax, make your way over to one of our many farmers markets, support local farmers and get some yummy produce :)  If you are somewhere else, do a little research, no matter where you live there is usually a farmer's market.

Have a wonderful day!

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