Monday, February 28, 2011

Family Time :)

There is nothing like the impending "doom" of the inlaws coming to make you rush around like a crazy person getting your house in order.  I am fortunate to not have "those" inlaws, so I was thrilled when my father-in-law and his wife, and my brother-in-law came for a surprise visit from New York, but my house was definitely not company ready!

I have had a few ideas rolling around in my head and this was the perfect excuse to get them out of the way and done.  To make for even more fun, MY parents are coming this weekend (my dad is helping with my bathroom remodel) so I had even more motivation to spruce up some things (and keep it clean).

Don't you hate when you buy something pretty for the wall and it sits in a corner on the FLOOR for 3 months.  My pretty plates made it to the wall in two weeks, not too bad!  These plates make me very happy :)

My kids have a SERIOUS stuffed animal problem.  This fab and totally easy tutorial from A Lemon Squeezy Home was a breeze and WOW, I can't believe it worked! This freed up a TON of floor space.  I did it without a fancy trim since we don't really have any sort of theme yet in here, but you could totally add it later.

I am still completely on the fence with no great ideas for a decorating theme for the kids room.  I've wanted to put some shelves up for a while for their pretties and what-nots and these shelves from Joanne were a STEAL thanks to my coupons :)
 I love this frame from Walmart too.  It came with the mat which made it super easy to have a really nice photo display in 5 minutes.
 I made the decoupaged letters, which turned out so cute.
The items on the shelves will change periodically, but I love the idea of their nice things being on display :)

I can't really take full credit because my hubby was the one who had to hang everything :)  It made a huge difference in the kid's room, which has no real rhyme or reason at this point.  It's amazing how a few pictures and pretties can make a room feel bright and new!

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I love those plates!!