Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Get in the Zone - Catch up time!

I have to say, last week was a bit crazy.  My son got sick while me and the hubs were on a date (poor babysitter) and that led into a most hectic weekend.  I feel like it took DAYS to get that puke stink out!

Therefore, I didn't get to my zone chores like I wanted, which was the kitchen, which needed work BADLY!  So I tackled some problem areas because they really couldn't wait till the next cycle.

Since none of my babies use bottles :-( I went ahead and cleared those out weeks ago.  We used the Dr. Brown's bottles, which if you don't know, work great but have like a thousand parts.  After getting rid of all of those bottles and probably 20 baby spoons and various other baby feeding supplies, I had a whole drawer and a shelf of new space to use!

I feel blessed to have a TON of drawer and cabinet space in my small Riverside bungalow, but wow, I have accumulated a lot of stuff!  It is the most loathsome chore to clean out these cabs and drawers, but it really isn't time-consuming, so just suck it up and do it.  You will be glad you did.

 It's amazing the fun stuff you find when you clean out that drawer of useless kitchen gadgets.  My mom gave me these little decorate spoons years ago, now they have a new home over my ugly stove :)
 Wow! I'm decorating! In my kitchen no less!  Find creative and non-cluttering ways to display a few special items in your kitchen, your kitchen needs pretties too :)
 Ah, a clean and organized silverware drawer...does anyone know how all those crumbs and nastiness gets in your drawers?  No clue, but it's gross!
 My gadget drawer.  Now I don't know how I am justifying the THREE sets of measuring cups and I think I want to order these.  I mean the definition of cuteness!
 I think I've shown you my cereal box storage solution before, but here it is in action in my junk drawer.  This works for any drawer that holds small things, maybe even a makeup drawer :)  It isn't pretty, but its cheap and free storage that really works!
Now just for fun, I bought some more pretties for my kitchen.  I have these in yellow and green and they will go on my "plate wall" which is in progress :)  Note the adorable mouse salt and pepper shaker set.  He has been in my hubs family forever and I am dying to take it to Antiques Roadshow where I am certain they will tell me it is worth $1,000...well not really but it would be fun!

Organizing in the kitchen is really rewarding, because it really does simplify things and make your time in the kitchen more pleasant.  Remember 15 minutes here and there REALLY goes a long way, so get to it!

Now onto this week's zone, the master bedroom.  This is the most challenging room in our house because it has zero storage and since we don't have a lot of storage anyways, it all seems to end up in our room.  But I have noticed a difference since I did the MB last month, so here we go again.  Definitely less dust this time around!

You know the saying "Take a picture, it lasts longer", well here are photos of my clean room, because you know this can't possibly last.

 My hubby's dresser is like the bane of my existence!
 Ok seriously, who were we kidding about having a real plant in the room...much better now.  BTW the gargoyles are not my idea.
 Didn't do a good job make the bed (I think the kiddies just bounced on it) but there is nothing on the chest, so that's what counts!
 My craft area.  Really not that bad, considering my lack of options.  It is what it is and at least I can find everything.  All the de-cluttering over the last couple months has really helped me pare down my stash.
 My dresser and closet.  I asked the hubs for a closet door after taking this photo.

 This is what is left of our clutter situation.  We haven't hung our pictures in our living room yet (I think I said this 3 months ago too), but this little area hides behind my door most of the time.  I am hoping that my in-laws surprise trip will inspire the hubby to PUT THEM ON THE WALL!

Well, that was a lot, but I have posted all of this in the hopes of inspiring YOU to get in those clutter spots and take control!  If you don't use it, you don't need it!  Even if you have 15 closets, you can get a handle on the stuff and make your life more streamlined.  Because after all, you can't take it with you in the end.

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Joanne said...

Awesome post, and I definately think you need those Russian measuring cups!