Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dinner = EPIC FAIL

If you know me, you know I LOVE trying new recipes.  It has been several years since we have had something fail this was a HUGE disappointment too.  Like we had to THROW IT AWAY!

To be nice, I will not post where I obtained said recipe.  All I will say is it was "supposed" to be a Greek Mac n Cheese.  I know it wasn't a cook error, it came out "right", I went through the recipe a few times to was just BLAND.  Now Bela liked it.  She is 19 months so bland macaroni is awesome.  Fortunately, I had given Leonard several fruit and veggie options (he is being picky as of late), so he had a vegetarian dinner.

It reminds me of a conversation a few friends of mine were having a couple months back about hot dogs.  I think they were talking about hot dogs on sale or something.  They said something to the effect of, "well Erin can cook so they probably don't eat hot dogs for dinner".  That kind of made me laugh, so I hope they read these and laugh at my total fail because we totally should have just had hot dogs for dinner! 

So that is all, we all have epic fail moments in the kitchen.  I guess it was about time for one :)

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