Monday, April 4, 2011

Making Old Things New

We had a busy weekend getting seeds planted, yardwork done and getting stuff done around the house.

The spider plants in the back are actually from LAST YEAR! Yes something survived in my yard for a whole year!  They are a little sad from the many frosts this winter but defintiely ALIVE!

Our neighbors put an old dresser out to the curb a couple weeks ago.  It's in pretty bad shape so we figured in would be perfect to put on the porch to store some tools.

I put a couple coats of paint on it, not trying to be too perfect with it because this is piece is a little more shabby than chic so I wasn't trying to pretend, haha!  I mod-podged some fabric on the smaller drawers and we kept the old knobs in their original condition.  Half broken and all.  I think its cute, and since we don't have a garage, this is serving a practical purpose by storing tools :)  It is also home for my seedlings and the aloe and succulents I got.

I always like trying to re-purpose something before I go out and buy something.  Our homes are filled with enough stuff as it is!
Now to be completely contradictory I bought something new for my bathroom.  I definitely recommend this for the bathroom storage challenged, you can pick this up at Target (like you really need a valid excuse to go to Target, hehe).  I am loving the new armoire since we have had virtually NO storage in our bathroom except a plastic three-drawer number.  But the plastic drawer thingy will have a new home in my closet as the holder of "projects-which-will-never-be-need-to-be-done".
So now that I have a place for my towels and such I realized two things: 1) I need new towels; and 2) I need to quit buying shampoo and conditioner.  I should probably take all the money I'll save NOT buying shampoo and buy new towels!  The bathroom reno is coming along slowly (the painting and decorating) but it's definitely getting there.


Jeremiah Russell said...

there's nothing that a few coats of paint and some funky fabric can't make (relatively) new. :-)

Joanne said...

LOVE the repurposed dresser! Great idea!!!!
Adorable bathroom find at Target!!!

Eva Scott said...

Great eye for repurposing that dresser. That's awesome!