Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sick Babies and Near Disasters

We have had a rough week.  Starting over the weekend with my son having a fever, which turned out to be only a COLD.  Which means a lot of being inside and mommy going stir-crazy.  He is still battling a really stuffy nose so we have been spending a lot of time inside (boo).  Everytime he gets a little burst of energy he begs to go outside, which mommy GLADLY obliges :) But we have had some fun inside too :)

 vS o all this time indoors should mean time for crafting and sewing, but with my 2 little monsters, that usually doesn't happen.  The other day I thought I was going to completely flip out and lose my mind.  Sitting in the living room with a very mopey Leonard we heard a huge crash and tons of stuff falling.  I ran frantically in my room to see my entire sewing table tipped over and Bela standing nearby.  She was fine, so my thoughts went immediately to my sewing machine laying on the ground.

I got everything back on the table and grab a scrap to make sure my machine is working ok.  My worst fear...CLACKING.  I flipped out!  I had just finished cutting out a dress and had planned to use nap time to get started on it so I was NOT happy.

So yesterday I decide to give it a good look-over before I called a repair shop so I could a better description of the problem.  Well I noticed that the thread was not hooked into the bar that goes up and I re-threaded and voila! Problem solved.  I guess it didn't slip in when I re-threaded...DUH!  So, lesson is, ALWAYS re-thread :)

So I did get some crafting done after all, stay tuned :)

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