Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crafting Recap

I was finally going through all my sewing stuff and realized that there were quite a few projects that I hadn't shown on my blog.  I so wish to be one of those awesome craft bloggers that comes up with amazing projects on their own...but I am usually using other people's tutorials and combining random patterns together.  Sometimes it works...most of the time not, so here is what has worked.  I have all the links so you can make your own too :)

This is probably the tiniest pillowcase dress I have ever made (fabric is by Anthology and Kumari Garden for Dena Designs).  It's a shower gift, along with these awesome burp cloths.  The back side is super soft terry cloth, perfect for mopping up huge spit-up messes!  I have been using the Prudent Baby Pillowcase Dress tute for a while now and I like it.  However, my friend recently used the Habitual pillowcase dress pattern (you can see the gorgeousness here)  so of course I have to give that one a try :)  I love the look of it and the sash is sooo lovely!

This was done using the Prudent Baby's Layer Cake Skirt tute.  It turned out great except I was attempting to make it a bit smaller for Bela and it turned out too short.  So if anyone is's available!  I love this Joel Dewberry fabric too much to not see it on some other cutie!

This little top turned out sooo much cuter than I anticipated.  I didn't have enough to make a dress so I made a spin off of a peasant top.  It is so cute on my little Bela.  One of those rare moments when one of my "genius" ideas actually works.  Again using Anthology and Kumari Garden fabrics.  Not giving this one away :)

I think I showed you all the bow-tie for my son's easter outfit.  Here is the little coordinating clip I made for Bela.  It's hard to see the details but its a fabric yoyo with some trim and a fabric covered button.  Turned out way cute!  I used this tute for the fabric yoyos.  Super easy and you can do soooo much with them.  So go and make a whole bunch!

This is a horrid pic, but I am in LOVE with this dress.  Another great Prudent Baby tutorial.  My only problem was actually making the pattern.  It's lots of angles and I'm still not sure I got it quite right.  I also discovered AFTER making the dress that I cut the hem completely crooked (easy fix) AND I used the fabric upside down (can't fix).  It's not obvious when it is on...still it's completely adorable and I want to make several more...maybe even a top version :)

So just because I'm me, no blog post would be complete without some sort of major mess-up on my part...I ended up purchasing MORE of the lovely Tanya Whelan fabric I used for my kid's easter-wear accessories...

 I had plans to make this adorable pinafore that was in a sewing book I recently purchased...well they have these handy diagrams of EXACTLY how to lay out the patterns to minimize waste.  Well instead of just folding the fabric up 8 inches for the bodice pieces, I folded it in half.  So now I don't have enough for the skirt part of the pinafore...ugh!  Seriously!  I was so meticulous in laying out and cutting everything!  So who knows what will happen with these...

So this cutie-patooty project is on hold until more fabric can be bought :(

So that is all for now.  I hope you all got some links to some fun new projects and enjoy laughing at my crafting misfortunes!

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Eva Scott said...

So much cute stuff and lots of those things are already on my to-do list!!