Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekend Breakfast - French Toast

One of my favorite things about the weekend is having everyone together to make breakfast.  We love pancakes around here but my favorite bread to make french toast with was on BOGO so we made French Toast.
 I think oatmeal bread works best for french toast.  It is also REALLY good just toasted with Nutella...just saying...

I use the basic french toast recipe from The Joy of Cooking which everyone should have because it has so much great information in it.  French toast is great because you almost always have the ingredients right on hand.

Basic French Toast

2/3 cup of whole milk or heavy cream or half and half 
4 large eggs
2 tblsp sugar or pure maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp salt

You just mix everything up and dip your bread in the mixture and place on a hot griddle.  Melt a few pats of butter on it first so it doesn't stick.  While you are waiting for the first side to cook take the cinnamon and sprinkle on the uncooked side.  This way when you flip it over the cinnamon-y goodness gets all baked in.  Serve hot from the griddle with whatever you like.

Cooking a nice breakfast always makes me feel like super-mom-suzy-homemaker :)  Try it this weekend and make an extra batch from the freezer to enjoy during the week.

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